One Community. Forty Towns

WHERECapannori (Lu)
TYPEEuropean masterplan
AREA156 square km

Green City of the Valley

An urbanistic project of huge complexity that establishes its effectiveness in the “reverse action”, that aims to harmonize the city to the rural landscape and not the opposite way. The intervention shows a very strong key: the balance between city and countryside. A deep, functional relationship connect Capannori rural landscape and shine trough the geometric patterns of the plantations, an extended drawing shaped by men’s work through the centuries to force nature to produce.

The “spread city” has gained the upper hand and has developed randomly through the fields, as a result it created considerable urban voids which magnify the overall disharmony. As a consequence, now the city area looks crushed and falling apart, and so look the fields that surround the town. The intervention aims to make the invisible city visible through the reconnection of the three city clusters – New Capannori, Original Capannori and Middle Capannori – and completely reinventing the urban greenery system on both urban and extra-urban scale. The express goal is to outline a unique central area through a ‘green ring’ that connect the residential zones and make its framework more compact.

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