Party Garden

Over two thousands square metres inspired by social relationship and entertainment

WHERECasatenovo (Lc)
AREA2.200 mq


CRITICAL ISSUESwater stagnation, environmental restrictions, need to transplant or cut down some trees
NEEDSswimming-pool, party area, parking, tree house
PLANTATION23 trees, 150 shrubs, 100 perennials, 120 groundcover, 10 climbers


A medium sized area which actually has a large-scale appeal, surrounded by the countryside between Lecco and Monza, composed of a huge lawn and many trees of various sizes. The intervention revolves around three main customer requests: a pool with a deck around, an area equipped for parties and a new vehicles entryway with parking places.

New areas must communicate with the existing building but they don’t have to distort the charm of the place, even for this reason we have chosen wood as the only material for pavings. In the party area a big specimen of Liriodendron tulipifera has been “caged” at its base with a low metal structure that serves both as a seating and as a tree protection. Maintenance is not a problem here, so we chose to place a strategic plantation to balance the lack of low shrubs and flowerings, so as to soothe the entryways and the “not avoidable” sight of the swimming-pool.



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