Villa with Biowall

Screen and focal point in one solution


WHEREGorle (Bg)
AREA1000 square meters


The house stands in the exquisite background of the Baio district in Gorle, near Bergamo, a large set of villas linked to a big park through a ring circuit. From the early stages of the planning, the riqualification of the 1.000 square meter garden has been under the influence of a poor budget. The customer’s requests dealt with two main goals: realize a low maintenance garden and provide a screen for the shower near the pool.

The former has been accomplished through the reduction of the lawn area, now more inviting and comfortable, and setting up borders under the trees with mulch film and groundcovers plants. The latter has been achieved through the creation of a biowall, an element which acts simply as a screen but actually is the focal point of the garden. Light up at night, biowall is a dry stone structure composed by a metallic cage filled up with inert materials, excellent even as a tutor for rambling plants, it catches the eyes of the observer and at the same time it deverts attention from the behind shower.

CRITICAL ISSUESSwimming-pool in the middle of the property; deteriorated garden
NEEDSReduce maintenance; screen the shower; two new parking spaces; dog's area
PLANTATION3 trees, 10 climbers, 50 ornamental grasses, 55 perennials, 72 groundcovers, 80 shrubs

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