Landscape Design International Contest

WHERELozzo Atestino (Pd)
TYPEInternational contest
AREA8.000 square meters


The contest occurred in the setting of Flormart 2016, a professional show dedicated to gardens, landscape and plant nursery industry. The subject of the contest: design the neglected industrial area owned by Fischer Group in Lozzo Atestino, very close to the exquisite background of the “Colli Euganei Regional Park”.

The goal of the team was not only “to design a public park” but also put together a solid and economically sustainable project. The area considers retail stores, housing and a community room: a combination of public and private uses that carries real benefits to the town. Part of the buildings will not be dismantled but gets recovered to host a food and drinks service. The geometric but soft style of paths, paviments and entryways define an optimal exploitment of the area and its perfect integration in the urban environment. The vegetal part, both arboreal and shrub-like, is made up of indigenous species aligned with the near park – like the row of Fagus Sylvatica ‘Tricolor’ that stand out where the pillars of the old depot once rose – and a perennials garden with plenty of flowerings and ornamental grasses that give touches of color and change through the four seasons.

The name Fischer, a company leader in the wall plugs market, greatly influenced our creative approach to the design, which faces the recovering with the inclusion of elements that keep alive the genius loci and the idea of fastening. From this starting point the central web arises, a big structure filled up by climbers, hanging seats, pots, speakers and light sources.



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