Landscape Design Contest “Val de Put” park in Lumezzane

WHERELumezzane (Bs)
TYPEEuropean contest
AREA37.000 square meters
RESULT3rd place

Diagonal Park


Val de Put is a big, empty space that divides the historical buildings and the recent urbanization. The project, named ‘Diagonal Park’ due to the difference in height that marks out the site, has the purpose to give back full function to an area truly desolate, through the conception of an urban park in english style, as specifically requested by the tender notice. The creation of the plan aim to organize and develop crosswalks and pathways all along the natural routes East-West and North-South. The intent is to convert the area in a strategic road for cyclists and pedestrians.

Further on, the historical sign of the watercourses have to be recovered. Water has always been present here, but today we have no more traces about it, so we outlined a sort of “vegetal river” composed of perennials and ornamental grasses and we imagined a fifty meters bridge that allow to as many citizens as possible to attend the park. New functions arise: urban veg gardens, a playground for kids that takes advantage of the slopings, panoramas, the outdoor theater, all contribute to a greater enjoyment of the new urban area, which is entirely dedicated to walking and relaxing by Lumezzane’s citizens.


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