Quick getaway nest

A cozy, modern oasis, strengthened by heated swimming-pool and secret garden

WHERERoncaro (Pv)
AREA1.000 square meters


CRITICAL ISSUESGarden subdivided in two different lots, connected through a narrow corridor; privacy: various buildings overlook the garden
NEEDSHeated swimming-pool with enclosure; party area; wood oven; lawn; garden screen; connect each other the two gardens

The complete makeover occurs after purchasing an adjoining land that includes a small house in dreadful state. The customers, often working abroad, want to create a comfortable shelter, wrapped up in the greenery and always ready to host many parents and friends for family reunions and lazy, relaxing weekends.

The intervention considers the demolition of the ruined building and its reconstruction from scratch. The new layout contemplates a guest house with parking place and a brand new garden at the ground floor, plus a terrace with conservatory made of iron and glass at the first floor. Further on, the actual carport is tear down to make room for a party area and a heated swimming-pool with telescopic enclosure. As previously said, all these elements are divided in two different lots, de facto two different gardens connected each other by an alley crossed by a row of beautiful Pyrus calleryana we decide to keep alive. The customers ask the studio to prepare two different solutions to choose by.



The pool is under the ground level of half a meter, a wood deck surrounds it. This trick takes the sight away from people who swim and makes easy to install the telescopic enclosure.


At the same time a large solarium is shown, suitable for parties and barbecues and close to the kitchen. The guest house is built along the south border, a choice that helps privacy and broaden the space between the buildings. In this way we can have a wide, shared, fully formed dehors, with garden and outdoor living, suitable for parties with a lot of guests.


The pool is at the ground level but we can still apply a low enclosure for the cold season, while the solarium and the barbecue move to the opposite side, near an equipped wall.


This solution set a larger green area and a fair lawn. The alley is resolved with a white loose gravel, in a pleasing contrast to the black basalt that leads us to the other side of the garden. Guest house faces to north, the choice has three consequences: direct access to the car park from the street; exploitation of the wall to build the conservatory; secret garden, not shared

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