A charming farmstead

An ancient rural building finely renovated and wrapped up in an emotional two-levels garden

WHERETriuggio (Mb)
AREA2.500 mq



The property consists of two buildings, a new one and an old farmstead. The customer decided to makeover the rural edifice, include a swimming-pool and rebuild just about everything, from the entrance yard to the overhead park. When the studio takes control of the garden, a wall – a forty metres long and nearly three meters tall one – has just been raised. Surely the wall helps to secure the garden, creating de facto two terraces, but is a very heavy element, even from a visual point of view. Harmonizing it with the landscape and with everything else represents the main challenge the designers have to face.

CRITICAL ISSUESHuge concrete wall; not homogeneous use of materials; hanging garden in the lower part; 30 meters tall oak, oversized with regard to other trees


The wall become a real concept and a project element to deal with. First of all we study all the functions the wall must fulfill: shower, seats, zen corner, lighting, hanging garden for shrubs and climbers. Then we develop the cladding types and the final combo is made up of travertine marble, basalt and corten, a trinomy inspired by the contrast between ancient and modern. In the end we act even visually from the above garden inserting a panoramic viewpoint and a row of Cupressus sempervirens (cypresses), elements reaching towards the sky that push down the huge wall.

NEEDSSwimming-pool; outdoor party area and kitchen; a brand new entrance yard; to go back over the upper garden

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