Pleasant retreat and lakeview

A small dehors geared up for the fine season


WHEREBellagio (Co)
AREA85 mq
CRITICAL ISSUESlong and narrow area; few functions
NEEDSGive value to lakeview; create a dinner area: small vegetable garden; flowerings
PLANTATION2 trees, 15 shrubs, 15 perennials, 8 climbers

The intervention firstly aims to redefine and flatten the outdoor space. As a consequence, an old Photinia hedge is cut down – too vigorous in such a small place – and new furniture elements are included: a modern fountain – the focal point of the project – a lounge seat made of wood and masonry, a dinner area equipped with a detachable awning. The curvy geometry and the tutors for climbers respect the small terraces on the first floor that follows the underlaying pathway.

The main plant selection, planned in every detail, include a Kumquat, a Lagestroemia indica with white flowers, a Wisteria sinensis ‘Alba’ – in few years it will climb up to the terraces on the above floor – some roses and various summer flowering plants.

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